Admission to the Postgraduate Program in Biometrics and Applied Statistics (Master's/Doctorate) is done through an annual (or semiannual) selection process of regularly enrolled candidates. For each selection, a special selection committee (CES) is appointed, appointed by the CCD (Collegiate of Didactic Coordination) of the course.

The vacancies are by guideline research line and are disclosed in each edict.

The selection of masters is composed of three stages, being: a) documentary approval; B) analysis of proven lattes curriculum and c) oral argument about a letter of intent and undergraduate school history.

The selection of doctorate is composed of four stages, being a) documentary approval; B) proof of interpretation of English text; C) analysis of the proven lattes curriculum and d) analysis of the thesis plan.

The specific norms for letter of intent and / or thesis plan are disclosed in each selection process by means of a document entitled "Complementary Norms".
Below are documents related to open and closed selection processes.


Selective Processes 2018.1 (Cooming soon)


Selective Process 2017.1 (closed)